Individual Guitar Lessons

Individual Guitar lessons

This is a “one to one” teaching format based on the age and the level of the student. I use different teaching methods plus the ones that I have developed through the years. The individual guitar lessons program along with the guitar techniques delivers:

  • Music theory,
  • Aural training,
  • Ensemble playing- student-teacher,
  • Sight reading,
  • Preparation for board examinations ABRSM or TCL from Grade 1 to Diploma,
  • At least twice per year participation in class production, concert or showcase,

In general, the lessons are once a week 30 minutes, however, 45 and 60 minutes lessons are also available. The age group for individual guitar lessons is a minimum of 4y.o. to 60 and above.

See lesson Terms and Conditions and the Cancelation policy


  1. Hello,

    can you please let me know the costs for a complete beginner per hour or what packages do you have?

    Also, do you have weekend lessons?

    thank you,

  2. hi there!,i want to learn how to play a guitar i am a beginner.may i know how much per week or per session..thanks..

  3. Hey, I would like to start learning guitar, I will start at July right after I come back from my annual vacation. Please email me full details about the prices for group and individuals.

  4. Hello … I would like to sign up for adults guitar classes. I’m a beginner. Please tell me about price per class/ month, . Thank you

  5. I’m 17 years old and would like to learn the guitar right after i finish my exams in June, how long would it take me to be decent at it and could you send me the details on fees and timings.

  6. I am a beginner and would like to learn playing guitar. Pls send me details on fees and timings.

    Thank you!

    1. hi my name is essa i am 15 years old i am a beginner and i want to join . i want to know about the fees plz contact me

  7. Hi, I would like to sign up for adults guitar classes. I’m a complete beginner. Can you please let me know the price per class/ month, the week days when the classes are held, and when you plan to form the new group. Thank you in advance!

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