3 things that can bring your guitar playing to the next level

Do you feel that you are playing guitar for some time, but you are not satisfied with the results, or at least the results are not the once you expected?
Here are three little things, that you can start doing right now to boost your guitar playing and start achieving results.

1. Routine
Music is a time hungry activity. Most probably you are aware that to be a good guitar player you need to put a lot of time in practicing guitar, learning new techniques, music theory and so on. It is a mistake to practice chaotic occasionally. Even if you do it for many hours it doesn’t bring the wanted results. You need to organize your practice into several small sessions during each week, to create and establish practice routine. In no time you will start feeling tremendous improvement.

Motivate Yourself to Practice Guitar

2. Repertoire
Prepare several pieces that you know well, and you can play any time relevantly with no preparation. The trick here is, to choose pieces that are bellow your technical abilities, pieces that you can “play with” not pieces that you struggle with. That gives you confidence and control over the music you play. Include in your repertoire pieces that you know very well, and they require only maintenance.

3. “Nurture” your achievements with patience
Once you learn a new technique, do not rush to implement it in a big piece, give it some time to settle down. In the meantime, play small etudes and exercises that will include that technique. Once you learn a new piece do not be in a hurry to include it in your repertoire give it some more time, a month or so, of practice, to make sure you really know it well. That applies for exams too. Try to be ready for the exam at least one month in advance.

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