3 things to do that will improve your guitar progress and bring back your enthusiasm.

You started your guitar lessons but it doesn’t go as you expected you don’t feel that satisfaction, you don’t enjoy it and you may be considering to quit. When you started, you ware enthusiastic and motivated but somewhere down the line you lost it. Here are 3 simple things that

may help you get better results and bring back your  motivation and enthusiasm.

3. Go back to your first lessons

In the first few lessons usually the teacher will introduce you to many aspects of the guitar playing and music in general, those are the lessons when there is more talking than actual playing but the amount of information per lesson that is presented in those few lessons to you is enormous. At this point you still do not have strong habits of practicing and the ability to understand the specific of the mater. The teacher from their side probably will want to make sure that they are “Teaching” you-meaning delivering information (that’s why they are paid for) This is a very tricky period. You may feel overwhelmed.

It is important to review those few lessons now with a different mindset. Your teacher will be more than happy to go back with you and help you understand what you have missed

  1. Do not cancel a lesson just because you didn’t practice that week.

There are so many things that can be done in a music lesson for example: aural training, sight reading, playing old pieces, playing duets with your teacher etc. Those are things that most probably you are not doing by yourself. If you cancel a lesson because you didn’t practice that makes that week lost most probably you won’t practice the next week too. Be positive and do your guitar lessons each week.

Finally, the last one:

  1. Bring the guitar in your life.

If the lesson is 30min. Think of it as a 3 hours’ class per week where you spend 30 min with the guitar 5 days a week and on the 6th day is your guitar lesson. That’s easy to say but in fact it turns to be the most difficult thing. That’s a lot of time which you didn’t think of before you started. Usually we are busy with so many things, the guitar “wants” to be fitted somewhere in between. Start with two times 30 min. per week allocating that time only for the guitar it is not necessary to practice, just be with the guitar, you may watch classical guitar YouTube videos, read the biography of famous guitar composers or just mess with the guitar. That is your time with it!  Once you are comfortable with those two times each week you can start trying to utilize those timings and turning them in to real practicing and learning sessions. In a month or two you may reach to five practicing sessions per week. And that should be your greatest achievement. Now you have a practice routine. That alone can bring you steady progress and satisfaction.

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