Attention Concert

As a guitar student, once in a while you will need to perform before an audience. It can be a school assembly, class production, concert,  recital or simply at home in front of parents, friends or relatives, colleagues (if you are an adult) …etc. In general it shouldn’t be a difference the concert or the performance is the same. That’s the moment when Continue reading “Attention Concert”

End Of Year Concert June 11th 2016 at Alliance Francoise Dubai

Young Guitarists performed at Alliance Francoise Dubai on Saturday June 11th…

On Saturday June 11th  was our end of year concert at Alliance Francoise-Dubai there ware more that 30 young performers. From beginners to advanced. Students, Continue reading “End Of Year Concert June 11th 2016 at Alliance Francoise Dubai”

Those Scales and Techniques!?

Some of the classical guitar students will find practicing their scales kind of pointless and boring. I can understand that up to certain extend. The student, especially a beginner, may find it hard to believe or accept that playing a line of consecutive notes over and over will eventually improve their overall performance. Sometimes we, the teachers, get too busy putting together “those three pieces and that bunch of scales” for the coming exam, that Continue reading “Those Scales and Techniques!?”

“About being relaxed while playing guitar”

“Is it a mistake to attempt to play relaxed.”

At first what means “relaxed”? We have to agree somehow which meaning of that word we mean by using it in the guitar playing. If we take “relaxed” as that state of the body and the mind, where no physical action exists…Yes, in this respect the statement is absolutely right. But if we agree that by relaxed, we will understand: “to play with less strain or tension”-then that is the state we have to aim to. Continue reading ““About being relaxed while playing guitar””