Christmas Concert 2017

The time passes so quick and there we are… the Christmas is coming soon. Our guitar concert was on Monday Dec. 11th this year we did it in Dubai International art Centre. The garden was lovely arranged for the event, we even had a Christmas three. The Danube Classical Guitar Orchestra opened Continue reading “Christmas Concert 2017”

Preparing for your first guitar exam

At some point you and your teacher may decide to take a music exam. Great!  You will get an internationally recognized diploma, you will have something to work towards as well as something to aim for. This will motivate you and help you to progress faster. The examination systems are welcoming encouraging the candidates to enter these exams. We, the music teachers, love the exams as it is an Continue reading “Preparing for your first guitar exam”

Danube Classical Guitar Orchestra preparing for TCL Performance Certificate

Dear friends i am very excited that this year our orchestra will be siting for a Performance Certificate board examination at TCL on May 12. To make this possible we are working very hard every week, there are few more rehearsals left. We choose three pieces for our exam program. We will be starting Continue reading “Danube Classical Guitar Orchestra preparing for TCL Performance Certificate”

3 things to do that will improve your guitar progress and bring back your enthusiasm.

You started your guitar lessons but it doesn’t go as you expected you don’t feel that satisfaction, you don’t enjoy it and you may be considering to quit. When you started, you ware enthusiastic and motivated but somewhere down the line you lost it. Here are 3 simple things that Continue reading “3 things to do that will improve your guitar progress and bring back your enthusiasm.”


The tablature is a very old way of writing down the music for positioned string instruments, such as Lute, Guitar, Theorba, Vihuela …In the Renaissance they ware several types of tablature: Italian German, French…In general the tablature shows graphically the string numbers and the fret numbers.Today the most widely presented in the web  type of TAB for guitar,  is the following: Continue reading “Tablature/TAB”

About “The new thing” in the guitar lesson

About “The new thing” in the guitar lesson

    Often I get students saying:

” We did this last week, I know it…”

There is a big difference between “I know it” and “I can do it” when it comes to skills.

The new thing can be anything from a new note, new technique, a theory concept…usually it is introduced theoretically in the class in order the student to have an idea about that particular mater.

Next step is to master the new thing by means Continue reading “About “The new thing” in the guitar lesson”

“About being relaxed while playing guitar”

“Is it a mistake to attempt to play relaxed.”

At first what means “relaxed”? We have to agree somehow which meaning of that word we mean by using it in the guitar playing. If we take “relaxed” as that state of the body and the mind, where no physical action exists…Yes, in this respect the statement is absolutely right. But if we agree that by relaxed, we will understand: “to play with less strain or tension”-then that is the state we have to aim to. Continue reading ““About being relaxed while playing guitar””