Three Progressive Etudes


Three Etudes For Guitar with technical exercises

Level -Beginner-Intermediate



Three Progressive Etudes

One of the most serious struggles that the beginner guitar students experience, and are not aware of is, seeing the musical piece in small details, fragments. Of course, we, the guitar teachers, are to be blamed as well, for not nurturing the students from very beginning and teaching them how to approach the music materials presented to them.
In this etude collection, I am trying to show graphically how a music piece, in my opinion, should be broken down in technical and yet musical fragments, which learned separately makes it extremely easy and even fun to learn the piece.
The technical exercises provided for each etude are extracted right from the context of the etude and are aimed to solve the technical obstacles that may occur. The ideal situation is those exercises to be taught separately before even the student attempts to play the etude.
In a short technical extract, the student has a chance to practice the techniques but still able to perceive it as a complete musical idea.

Etudes no. 1 and 2 are included in my online Classical Guitar Course for Adults Level 2