Lesson terms and conditions

Attending music lessons is a long term commitment from both-the teacher and the student. Choosing a time slot  and lesson format should be convenient for both sides.It is essential to have a good and fair teacher-student relationship. The following terms are the minimum required from both in order to achieve smooth, enjoyable lessons and maximum progress.

  • The teacher is expected to use all their skills and knowledge to teach, motivate, mentor and guide the student in all conventional academic aspects of the music education. To select and suggest appropriate teaching  materials for each particular student according to their needs to ensure steady and stable progress.
  • To maintain a good communication with the parents
  • The student is expected to attend the lesson prepared and in time with their own guitar and books.
  • The Student should bring their note book each lesson, it is used by the teacher to keep records of the lessons and to write assignments, homework and messages to the parents.
  • Parents are most welcome to attend the lessons.
  • Participating in recitals once or twice per school year is advisable, usually a note about the day and the time will be given a month ahead. The preparation starts way before that.
  • In a group lessons the students should obey the common class room rules: be quiet, pay attention, do not disturb the others, play only if you are asked to, ask questions only if they are relevant to the subject…