• How many times per week are the guitar lessons?

The group lessons are once a week, the individual lessons are in general once a week too, but they can be more, depending of the student’s needs and the teacher’s availability.

  • What are the timings for the guitar lessons?

Only the group lessons have fixed timings which are posted under the Group Lessons Schedule. The individual lessons timings are scheduled individually with the teacher.

  • I am traveling can I reschedule my lessons or extend my package?

No, there are no makeup lessons provided with some exceptions, mentioned in the Cancellation Policy. The reason for that is because the time slot you have purchased is simply sold to you for the certain amount of time (10 weeks) and you are the one who decides how to use it.

  • How long it will take me to become a good guitar player?

The average time to be efficient guitar player and to be able to use the instrument is 4 years

  • Can I use an acoustic guitar for my guitar lessons?

The appropriate instrument to use for your classical guitar lessons is a Classical Guitar fitted with nylon strings.

  • What is the age limit for the Guitar lessons you provide?

It is individual but, average 5 years old and above. Children younger than 5, are encouraged to have a trial lessons and meet the teacher. After the assessment the teacher may find that the child is ready to start.

  • How much are the guitar lessons?

Email info@valentinspasov.com for the price.