3 things that can bring your guitar playing to the next level

Do you feel that you are playing guitar for some time, but you are not satisfied with the results, or at least the results are not the once you expected?
Here are three little things, that you can start doing right now to boost your guitar playing and start achieving results. Continue reading “3 things that can bring your guitar playing to the next level”

Learning Guitar Online

Learning Guitar Online? As an “old school” guitar teacher, I was trying to stay away from that. Or at least I was convinced that you can teach video lessons, but that is not of a benefit for the student, you can’t have a feedback from the person who is watching the video lesson, simply you don’t know do they get what you are teaching them.

This was until several years ago when I started   thinking of putting together a set of online guitar courses, following this new wave that is concurring our education system.

What a surprise! After almost 3 decades of teaching guitar and making living on that, I found myself in a situation where I had to change my way of thinking and my style of teaching completely to fulfill the above concern, namely that I must make sure that I am understood correctly, that the course has a structure, the student is engaged, exercised and so on…

Based on my experience I had to predict and solve the eventual problems that the student may encounter during the course, to answer as many as possible of the questions that they may have, in the same time to keep the pace of the course having in mind all the academic aspects of the mater.

Here I must mention also the technicality: video shouting, sound, editing, designing, etc. it took me first one or two years to learn, test, experiment…there were moments of great enthusiasm and in the same time deep disappointments and sleepless nights, I kept going until my first course started to get shape and it is finally online now. Two other courses are under editing and many more are in various stages of development.

This become one of the most difficult projects that I was ever involved. In conclusion it is a great enriching process for both student and teacher. It allows new ways of teaching and learning impossible or difficult to implement in one to one teaching format.

Check out my “Classical Guitar Course for Adults Level 1” a comprehensive guide for beginners.



July 2018

3 things to do that will improve your guitar progress and bring back your enthusiasm.

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How long do I need to practice for my guitar lessons?

I often get this question from students and parents, either in the very beginning when the first lesson is over or when for some reasons the student realizes that their progress is not good enough or not as good as they expect.

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