Will I be a good guitarist if I take online guitar courses?

Today’s education is getting more and more online. The means that this medium is providing for the students and teachers are beyond our imagination. The notion that the online Courses and lessons or even the group lessons are somehow not enough, and the best is to have one on one lessons in private is very popular among beginners. I, myself, being a conventional guitar teacher for 30 years recently published an online guitar course for adults based on my guitar method book for adults that I wrote 10 years back. During Continue reading “Will I be a good guitarist if I take online guitar courses?”

Can I learn guitar as an adult?

You can learn guitar as an adult as you learn anything else. Here are few things to have in mind before you enroll in any guitar course or program:
First thing to do is to decide on what type of guitar you want to play. There are diverse types of guitars: electric, classical, acoustic, bass…in many cases people tend to generalize and take all of the above as one instrument. This is a mistake, they are all different instruments belonging to the same family . To begin with, each of them looks different sounds different and is used in different situations. They all have unique way of sound producing, their own technical abilities and specific equipment that you will need to have accordingly. Continue reading “Can I learn guitar as an adult?”

Choosing your guitar teacher

Making a choice of who to be your guitar teacher can be a changeling task. Here are some of my thought of what to consider wile attempting to learn guitar

At one point you have decided to do something different, you got that desire and motivation to play guitar, you are excited about it, or your child is already old enough and you are considering getting them involved in music with guitar. Next step is to find the right teacher and start the guitar lessons.Learning guitar is a long term commitment. Sometimes it is not easy to find a good teacher to feel comfortable with and to trust them. To begin with, Continue reading “Choosing your guitar teacher”

What Guitar do you need to start your Classical Guitar lessons?

To start your classical guitar lessons, you need a classical (Spanish) guitar.
There are plenty of music stores  where you can buy one. The sells man usually  are pretty helpful, in general they do a good job, some of them are even able to strum some chords on the guitar, trying to impress the costumer. But as you are a beginner and you never had guitar lessons, it is easy to be miss leaded by them. In the and of the day their job is to sell. So its not a good idea to relay Continue reading “What Guitar do you need to start your Classical Guitar lessons?”