Cancellation Policy

  • There are no make up lessons and refunds for both individual and group lessons. In special cases there is allowed one make up lesson per term for individual students. Note, a special case is not: a birthday party, sleep over, friends visiting, going to movie, a tutor coming at home, traveling somewhere…etc
  • In case the lesson is cancelled by the teacher the package will be extended to compensate.
  • To quit guitar lessons the student should give a month notice and the reminding funds from the package will be refunded or credited to sibling or friend this applies only for individual students.
  • There are no refunds for group lessons.
  • If two consecutive lessons are not attended without notice, the student will be removed from the list and the time slot will be given to another student.
  • If the student do not meet the expectations, do not show progress for a long time or do not follow the class rules they can be terminated. This will be preceded by constructive communication and warnings. The student will be terminated  only if anything else falls to work. In this case the student will be refunded within five working days after their last lesson.

By signing up for your lessons you agree with the above terms and conditions.