Will I be a good guitarist if I take online guitar courses?

Today’s education is getting more and more online. The means that this medium is providing for the students and teachers are beyond our imagination. The notion that the online Courses and lessons or even the group lessons are somehow not enough, and the best is to have one on one lessons in private is very popular among beginners. I, myself, being a conventional guitar teacher for 30 years recently published an online guitar course for adults based on my guitar method book for adults that I wrote 10 years back. During

the process of planning, filming, and editing the course, I was astonished by the opportunities and possibilities that it gives me to present the subject, explain, demonstrate, etc. The fact that there is no direct feedback from the student made me use all my experience to predict in advance what possible mistakes or difficulties a student may encounter and to provide answers and demonstrations. Just for the record if the one was to have this course with me in life, they will be taught in group or individual with the same method book for 12 weeks — 12 lessons – 45 min each. (9 hours in total) and that will be level 1, A great amount of the time in those 12 lessons will be dedicated to the presentation of the work assigned, comments on it, analyzing the mistakes, practicing in the class, and so on. Nevertheless, the whole book is taught for 12 lessons. ( 9 hours). In the online course based on the same material, it took me 6.5 hours of video only for the first half of the book. That means that the amount of information presented in the online course is significantly more detailed and clear, having that information at their disposal 24/7 the online student can progress better and even faster than the average student in my life teaching.

Imagine a situation you had your lesson on Monday night, you were taught something, and at a time all was clear for you. You went home had dinner and slept, the next day you went to the office, after that you had to attend a parent’s evening, that was Tuesday,  the first time you sat to practice after your Monday lesson is on Wednesday evening, you open your book pick your guitar and want to practice. But you forgot all your teacher taught you. The only chance to get that information again is Next Monday at your next lesson when you will meet your teacher and you will waste lesson time to recover what was taught the previous lesson. Time and money got lost.

If that is an online student, they just go to the video and play it again.

Here is the first level of my Online guitar course for adults.


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