Can I learn guitar as an adult?

You can learn guitar as an adult as you learn anything else. Here are few things to have in mind before you enroll in any guitar course or program:
First thing to do is to decide on what type of guitar you want to play. There are diverse types of guitars: electric, classical, acoustic, bass…in many cases people tend to generalize and take all of the above as one instrument. This is a mistake, they are all different instruments belonging to the same family . To begin with, each of them looks different sounds different and is used in different situations. They all have unique way of sound producing, their own technical abilities and specific equipment that you will need to have accordingly.

Once you made your decision, check about a guitar teacher in your area or online, specialized in teaching adults. Be aware that not every guitar teacher likes to teach adults. Get some trial lessons from different teachers and decide for yourself with whom you feel comfortable. Or if you are looking for an online program look at the previews and reviews or that guitar teacher and judge for yourself.
Consider how much time and resources you can invest in this activity. Learning guitar or any musical instrument is a long-term commitment. To become a decent intermediate guitar player, you will need, by all means, at least three – four years. You will need time to practice your guitar, listen to guitar music, learn theory concepts etc.

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Valentin Spasov

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