Danube Classical Guitar Orchestra preparing for TCL Performance Certificate

Dear friends i am very excited that this year our orchestra will be siting for a Performance Certificate board examination at TCL on May 12. To make this possible we are working very hard every week, there are few more rehearsals left. We choose three pieces for our exam program. We will be starting with “Canzonetta” by the Italian Renaissance composer Baldassare Donati (1530 -1603), arrangement-Andrew Forest. The second piece is “Waltz No.2” by Valentin Spasov and we plan to end our program with “Joropo” by Andrew Forrest.
The Danube Classical Guitar Orchestra (DCGO) was found in 2002 in Dubai UAE, since then it is being an active organization which brings together guitar students teachers, amateurs and professionals with one thing in common- the love to the music and the classical guitar.

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