End Of Year Concert June 11th 2016 at Alliance Francoise Dubai

On Saturday June 11th  was our end of year concert at Alliance Francoise-Dubai there ware more that 30 young performers. From beginners to advanced. Students, parents and guests, we all had a great time listening to classical guitar. This year there ware 10 of mine students who sat for board examination ABRSM and TCL from grade 1 to grade 6. I was delighted to see the ones who performed for first time and also the improvement of the other students from the previous concert which was in December. There are two duets that emerged: Kristian and Victoria Ivanovi- brother and sister

Kristian and Victoria Ivanovi as well as: Hannah and Georges Mollenkramer also brother and sister.

Hannah and George Mollenkrammer

The concert ended with a performance by the Danube Classical Guitar Orchestra.

Danube Classical Guitar Orchestra

The attendance was great and the atmosphere was relaxed what amazed me was that even the youngest players that performed in the beginning of the concert stayed and listened the whole program.


Thank you all for this amazing night! I am glad that I was a part of it, also  thank you to the Alliance Francoise-Dubai for providing us with the venue.

Performing before an audience is an essential part of the music education. It is my duty as a guitar teacher to provide my students with the opportunity to perform at least twice per year. It is also a chance for everyone, parents and students to get together.

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