Guitar Posture

The posture is a basic condition for a good and fluent performance. For sure your teacher has spent a lot of time talking about it. For sure you have tried many ways of holding the guitar

and positioning your body and hands…Posture is something individual, based on the anatomical conditions of each player. However there are basic principles that should guide us in choosing our posture this has to be discussed with the teacher. The work on the posture never ends. It is
a big mistake to copy someone’s position blindly, religiously and fanatically, in fact that was very common in the past and it is just a cosmetic approach. In the same time it doesn’t mean that we can do whatever in order not to follow the “old School”, that is also another extreme thinking which in my experience do not lead anywhere. Think, try, discuss be ready to change and accept ideas and ways of playing.
In conclusion the posture should allow you to perform the music with all its aspects for as long as it takes, with minimum efforts and with desired quality. Many players are confused thinking that a good posture means automatically a good sound! Do not fell in to that, the sound is in our mind and the desire to produce it is leading us to certain posture in order to match it. I will say “Our feeling and understanding of a good sound will provoke us to look for the best way to produce it” Posture should not be taken Insulated from the music itself.

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