About “The new thing” in the guitar lesson

About “The new thing” in the guitar lesson

    Often I get students saying:

” We did this last week, I know it…”

There is a big difference between “I know it” and “I can do it” when it comes to skills.

The new thing can be anything from a new note, new technique, a theory concept…usually it is introduced theoretically in the class in order the student to have an idea about that particular mater.

Next step is to master the new thing by means of series of isolated exercises, etudes and so, where the goal is to see the new thing in different situations from musical and anatomical point of view.

 it might require future more explanations or it can be a foundation for something that will be studied in a later stage.

Some times the new thing may look absolutely irrelevant to the pieces that are played at the moment…




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