Missing a guitar lesson

As there are many aspects of the music education (I mean subjects) in reality each lesson consists of several subjects which we cover regularly…in general some of those subjects are the following:

  • Music theory
  • Aural training
  • Viva voce
  • Prima vista (sight reading)
  • Aesthetic of the music performed
  • General understanding about the nature of the music
  • Posture in general and posture on a micro level ( right hand, left hand, thumb, fingers…etc
  • Anatomy and mechanics of the sound producing
  • Building a repertoire
  • Explanation and demonstration of the new material
  • Ensemble playing…
  • Training on “ How to work on the music given at home” …

In the beginning I don’t explain that to the students (I believe most of the teachers do not either) in order not to frustrate or confuse them.

Of coarse the best case scenario is if the student goes home and follows the teacher’s instructions. As you can see above, there are many things that are done in the class without the student even noticing. Practicing guitar is just one of them and it is to be done at home.

On the other hand, most of the other things should be done with the teacher in the class, especially in the beginning.

For example playing ensemble with your teacher of an old piece that you already know is as important as practicing at home the new work that was given to you last week…

In other words (just don’t get me wrong) it is not a big deal that you didn’t practice a week or two, this happens to every one due to different reasons, if you get my point…

By not attending a lesson you are loosing the opportunity to get trained in the other aspects mentioned above and benefit of meeting the teacher.

By missing a lesson you are in fact breaking your educational process and by all means this affects negatively on your overall progression rate.

And last but not least, each lesson is a chance for the teacher and the student to interact on a musical and intellectual level.

This interaction is as important as the practice at home, meaning that is how the music knowledge is passed on from one generation to another and that is the difference between the classroom situation and individual lessons.

In the classroom the lessons in general are planned in advance and are taught regardless of individual needs. Although up to some level there is an individual approach it is far less than the one in an individual private lesson.

The plan for each private lesson is done on the go and is tailored according to the student’s needs and abilities….which is not an ideal situation from pedagogical point of view, however this is the reality due our hectic lifestyle.


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  2. We must not forget that practice at home is also very important…but it is good to know some teachers will still make an effort to ensure the classes make up for missed practices..sometimes 😉

  3. Thats an interesting point of view, I agree 🙂
    My schedule is very busy and it allows me little time for practice at home but i am dedicated to attend all classes and work hard. Can you please let me know if it is possible to work something out?


    1. Well, if you call it “point of view” could be considered as interesting i agree with that 🙂
      And yes, it is possible to work out something, please drop me an email to continue the conversation.


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