Guitar lessons

As you may guess I am a classical guitar teacher. I do this full-time since 1989. I teach classical guitar to children, adults, beginners, advanced and pro to pro as well. On this website, you will find general information about my activities as a teacher, composer, and performer.  The teaching format that I use is “one to one” in general, plus groups ensembles and orchestra.

My guitar teaching methods

I am a conventional guitar teacher. I don’t promise to do something extraordinary. However, If you are my student, you will find that sometimes you will be offered exercises or music pieces that I wrote for you. I love doing that because I believe that everyone is different and writing an exercise or a piece considering the student’s musical ability and personality is of great value for the student themselves and for me as a teacher.

Another thing that I love to do is, to write original compositions or to do arrangements for the guitar orchestra. Over the years I found it very hard to find scores for my ensemble that will match the skills of all players. This provoked me to start writing. Over the years I have done a great number of arrangements and original compositions for guitar orchestra at the moment I am in a process of editing them and soon they will be added here.

Teaching adults

Teaching adults is something that I do with passion. I teach adults in groups using a system that I developed called Classical Guitar Course for Adults. Long ago I was against teaching adults at all. However, with time I met great aficionados and guitar lovers. Who are willing to learn guitar not only for fun but also to become teachers or professional musicians.

In addition to conventional teaching, I also do guitar lessons online. The advantage of that is that you don’t need to spend time actually attending the lessons,  all that happens in your house, or wherever you are. All you need is a computer and a guitar. Many people think that this is not as good as the actual “one to one” session, but I will suggest first to try and see. In fact, this way of teaching is as interactive and productive as the contact lessons. The teacher explains and shows the new things, the student shows what they have understood, then the student practices on their own until the next lesson where they present the result of their work alone… To book your FREE online guitar trial lesson, click here

Who can study guitar with me?

Basically, everyone who is interested and loves this instrument can join one of the appropriate teaching programs that I offer. I encourage the potential students to have a trial lesson before they make their final decision.